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Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development
Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development


Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is a new product, high value because of its nutritional value as a functional food for humans. The demand for VCO in the world is increasing. However, VCO current production was mainly in small-scale farmers with high incomes but 5-8 times more than producing traditional dry coconut (copra) or semi-dried fruit. The production of this new product dramatically improves income for coconut farmers.

The definition of virgin coconut oil according to the Philippine National Standards ( PNS / BAFPS 22:2004 / ICS 67.2000.10 ) as follows:

1 . Coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut meat , fresh or manual methods by machinery, with or without the use of heat, not through the refining stage, color removal, deodorizing, these methods can be alter the nature of the oil. Virgin coconut oil can make food directly for human consumption without further processing.

2 . VCO circuit consists of triglycerides, on average, are antioxidants . The saturated fatty acids in VCO are very different from the long chain saturated fatty acid composition of animal fat .

3 . VCO is the purest form of coconut oil, colorless and water. It contains natural vitamin E and oxidized and hydrolyzed because the free fatty acid content is very low and low peroxide value. It 's natural coconut scent, this fragrance ranges from faint to bold depending on the processing technology.

4 . VCO huge difference with coconut oil is pressed from dried coconut meat tradition. Coconut oil from dried coconut meat should be traditional refined, color removal, new deodorant can be used as cooking oil. Refined coconut oil from dried coconut traditional yellow, odorless, tasteless and does not contain natural vitamin E because it is reduced by high temperatures and chemicals in the refining process .

Characteristics and Uses of VCO

Debt levels and the length of the circuit carbon fatty acid found in vegetable oils or animal fats decision characteristics and its corresponding utility for human health. As saturated fat, the longer the carbon circuit as hard and as high melting temperature. Coconut oil is one of the most unique because it contains the highest percentage of medium -chain fatty acids with carbon lengths C8 - C12 circuit. VCO operation and very different synthesized in the human body than saturated fat and unsaturated otherwise. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil accounts for about 64 % , including lauric acid (C12) is a major component high percentage from 47-53 % depending on coconuts.

Physical characteristics of the most meaningful coconut oil makes it different than any other type of fat that is not soft it gradually with increasing temperature, but it moved pretty dramatically from state to liquid characteristics in a temperature range narrow. In this respect, coconut oil has characteristics similar to cocoa butter. Coconut oil in a liquid state at a temperature of about > 270C and 220C freezing temperatures similar to butter in temperate countries.

For a long time, generally coconut oil and virgin coconut oil has been used in particular for use in food and non-food. In petrochemical technology, use pure coconut oil instead of refined coconut oil is derived from the traditional coconut rice will increase product quality characteristics because of its anti-allergic. These interesting findings about the application of pure coconut oil recorded very different and higher value uses such as traditional coconut oil :

- Hair Conditioners and moisturizing.

- Oil platform for skin care products and other cosmetics.

- Oil base oil for massage products, massage.

- Functional foods and nutritional foods.

According to Arthur Bautista experts, Splash Research Institute, defines nutritious foods means foods that are components of natural foods have health benefits or has the potential to reduce the risk of infections chronic beyond basic nutritional functions of it. To put it simple, nutritious food is not only the quality of nutritional value but also good for health. Virgin coconut oil is considered as a nutrient foods according to some research results below:


1 . Quality medium carbon fatty ( C8 - C12 ) in coconut oil have the same structure as the fat found in breast milk helps increase resistance to children. It also has the same effect on adults, (Kabara , 2000).

2. Virgin coconut oil possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant, we protect people avoid atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease (Fife, 2004).

3 . Virgin coconut oil increases the resistance.

4 . Virgin coconut oil allows protection against cardiovascular disease by increasing high -density lipoprotein (HDL), is the collection of excess cholesterol in the body secreted by the liver.

5 . Virgin coconut oil provides functions to protect the body against infections that can not be easily treated with conventional antibiotics.

6 . Virgin coconut oil is easily digestible without the support of the density, it goes straight to the liver and converted into energy, (Dayrit, 2003).

7. Pure Coconut oil stimulates metabolism, increases energy levels and prevents fat accumulation in the body , so that it prevents obesity, (Dayrit, 2003).

8 . Virgin coconut oil to improve the nutritional value of food by increasing the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, (Fife, 2004).

9 . Coconut oil is pure fat low-power source only of the world, (Fife, 2004).

10 . Virgin coconut oil prevents the operation of the carcinogen, Syliangco Clara Lim, 1987) 


Economic significance - social virgin coconut oil :


Since 2001, when the first virgin coconut oil is an herbal company brought from the Philippines to the U.S., the demand for virgin coconut oil has steadily increased each year in the United States and spread to many other countries such as Canada, Australia, UK China. Virgin coconut oil is the latest product line of chain that Philippine coconut products introduced to the world. Today, many other countries such as India, Indonesia, Fiji, New Guinea and pure coconut oil exports because of its economic value 400-500 % higher than the value of exports of conventional coconut oil. Currently the demand for virgin coconut oil is still higher than supply because most are small-scale production.

Overall, 15 coconut copra dried (Philippine Coconut, equivalent to 3.3 kg of dried coconut meat) produced a liter of pure coconut oil. With domestic prices of copra dried Philippines in 14 years at 10.7 pesos/kg (equivalent to $ 0.19), 15 dried coconut copra as $ 0.63 value. However, if the production of pure coconut oil, coconut 15 would result in 130 Peso (approximately $ 2.4 ). Income will have greater if domestic retail prices. In areas of virgin coconut oil production, farmers' income increased from a coconut 3-5 pesos (equivalent to 0.05 to 0.1 USD).

At the macroeconomic level, the added value in terms of recovery of foreign currency from the export of Philippine coconut oil is very high. Coconut oil prices in the world on average 10 years (1994-2004) averaged fluctuations 582USD/ton, while the price of virgin coconut oil exports in 12/ 2004 was $ 3,134 / ton, more than 500 % compared to income from ordinary coconut oil. With this export price, pure coconut oil is coconut products have the highest value on the world market.

The coconut growing countries promote enhanced communication on the use of virgin coconut oil. In Thai, each employee of the Institute Chumphon fruit drink every morning to go to work are two teaspoon of pure coconut oil as provided by the Institute free of charge. In the Philippines, virgin coconut oil is made into capsules and sold as fish oil pills widely in pharmacies across the country . In Vietnam, the company currently Thanh Vinh Coconut Processing - address An Hiep Industrial Zone is the only commercial producer and virgin coconut oil products.

Virgin Coconut Oil production manual for micro- and village-scale processing by Divina D. Bawalan Keith R. Chapman – FAO 2006).

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