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Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development
Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development


For a very long time, coconut water has been used as a favourite drink, and it has also been used a great deal in cooking, such as making food color additive, stew meat soak to add more favourable flavour. More recently, there has been a new kind of food made from coconut materials being sold in the market, which is called coconut jelly. The reason coconut water is used so much is because coconut water is soldered, cooled, cooled. Especially it adds a lot of minerals beneficial for the body.

Coconut water contains 0.05% of nitrogen, which plays a crucial role in our body’s protein synthesis processes. It is also present in many of the chemical reactions taking place in our body.

There are 0.25% of potassium, which is effective in reducing high blood pressure, enhancing the operations of digestive and respiratory systems, and helping us reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Potassium also assists our body to synthesize protein, producing necessary energy for the activities of our body.

Calcium has a content of 0.7%, and is involved in the creating of bone and tooth in mammal. Calcium helps stablize the blood pH, participating in the coagulation process, among other useful effects.

Coconut water contains as much as 0.56% phosphoric acid. Like calcium, phosphorus also takes part in the bone creating. It is also an element in some of the metabolic enzymes in our body, particularly in the processes to change protein, sugar and fat into energy. The frequent use of coconut water will help resupply the amount of phosphorus consumed in the burning of organic substances to produce energy for our body.

Besides, coconut water also contains 0.6% of magnesium and 0.5% of iron. Iron plays a very crucial role in the making of red blood cells, or erythrocytes. A deficiency of iron will result in the anaemic condition, or the insufficiency of red blood cells. And there are a plenty of sugar in coconut water, amounting to 2.08%.

All substances in coconut water are very beneficial for the body. When we work hard or hungry, the body loses water through sweating and needs energy to work, coconut water can replenish the body and temporarily provide important natural sugar to generate energy for that operation

At the same time coconut water compensates for the loss of phosphorus in the process of burning organic matter to generate energy for the body. Some people in Ben Tre often use coconut water to drink, 1 fruit per day, they feel very easy to urinate and slow skin aging.

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