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Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development
Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development


Becaused of this successful implementation of cleaner production and good market performance, over the past years, Luong Quoi Co., Ltd has always been one of the top exporters of coconut products in Ben Tre. Export turnover reached $ 3,210,000 in 2009; in 2010 reached $ 7,560,000; in 2011 reached $ 13,608,000. In 2011, the company was honored to receive the title of "Prestigious Exporter".

    Luong Quoi Co., Ltd, formerlly known as Luong Quoi Oil Private Enterprise, was established in 1996 and specializes in producing and trading coconut products such as: dried, raw coconut oil, pure coconut oil, coconut bran ...


In 2006, the enterprise opened a branch of Thanh Vinh Coconut Factory (Thanh Vinh I Factory) in An Hiep Industrial Zone, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province. The factory was formed with two production lines of desiccated coconut milk, designed capacity of 30 tons of finished products per day, with a total initial workforce of 60 people, the average turnover in 2006-2007 is 50 billion. By 2008, the factory will expand production by building a production line of desiccated coconut milk, capacity of 25 tons of products per day. So, the production capacity of the factory increased to 9,000 tons of finished products per year, revenue reached 111 billion, the number of employees is 120 people.

In August 2008, with the attention of the CPI - Ministry of Industry and Trade and Department of Industry and Trade of Ben Tre, Thanh Vinh Coconut Processing Factory participated in the program of cleaner production in with funding from DANIDA (Denmark). Luong Quoi coconut Company has been one of the enterprises in Ben Tre province lead to cleaner production to save costs, improve quality, lower production costs, improve conditions and working environment. , with the motto: "Safety, quality, responsibility for sustainable development".

The cleaner production process at the factory’s target has been to achieve six key objectives: Reduce water consumption by 30%; reduce electricity consumption by 4%; Reduce the consumption of fuel by reducing the consumption of fuel by 10% - 15%; invest in burning coconut shells to absorb activated carbon; Improvement and upgrading of the workshop to meet the quality management requirements of the ISO 22000: 2005 management system and finally the construction of a concentrated wastewater treatment plant.

In 2011, Luong Quoi Co., Ltd  invested decisions in Thanh Vinh II Factory with a capacity of 3 hectares with capacity of 15,500 tons / year (coconut juice) and 1,500 tons / year Desiccated coconut low fat). Besides, Thanh Vinh I factory specializes in producing desiccated coconut milk which is operating well, this is the second factory invested by the Company in order to meet the increasing demand for domestic and export products. , and at the same time increase the ability to consume local materials. The capacity of dredged coconut of Thanh Vinh I Factory has grown from 9,000 tons / year in the first phase to 14,000 tons / year and will increase gradually in the following years. As planned, by 2013, production will be from 80 to 100% of capacity.

The company's main products such as crude coconut oil (exported to China, Thailand) and desiccated coconut (exported to Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, EU, USA, Japan). , Thailand). In 2008: the quantity of copra rice exported was 2,960 tons, turnover reached: 4,272,000 USD; in 2009 the figures are: 3,520 tons and 3,210,000 USD; in 2010: 5,676 tons equivalent to $ 7,560,000; in 2011: 5,420 tons equivalent to $ 13,608,000; Expected in 2012, will reach a total turnover of $ 15.4 million.

At present, 90% of products are consumed by the Company, of which only 10% are sold to domestic confectionary companies. Customers are very satisfied with the products of Luong Quoi because the entire system is controlled by the quality management system ISO 22000: 2005 by the International Certification Organization SGS. The company also has a HALAL certification that allows the sale of tallow without the use of tallow; FDA approval of the US Food Safety Agency to bring the goods into this market from 500 to 700 tons per year.

After more than three years of applying the cleaner production model, the company's business results have improved significantly thanks to the improvement of production technology, equipment, working environment and management organization.

After none for over three years of applying the cleaner production model, the company's business results have improved significantly thanks to the improvement of production technology, equipment, working environment and management organization. This has brought economic benefits when all the stages are professionalized, while completely changing the perception of employees in the company, they work more enthusiastically and more responsible in the work. In the current difficult economic context, enterprises are boldly investing in technology innovation in order to save costs, reduce production costs, increase profits ... as Luong Quoi is also a way to change themselves. coping with crisis better. InIn July 2012, Luong Quoi has operated Thanh Vinh II factory to produce and market coconut milk (made in Vietnam and originated from Ben Tre) to diversify products. The factory has being completed with facilities with modern machinery and high technology imported from Thailand. We hope this product will be appreciated by the market. In the future development plan, in the second phase, the factory will develop more canned coconut water, which is a new item from high purity coconut that will contribute to the price increase treating coconut. The company also plans to invest in refined coconut oil, designed to produce 20 tonnes a day.

Luong Quoi Co., Ltd has been awarded the Certificate of Merit by the People's Committee of Ben Tre Province for the achievement of "Excellent performance in 2007". "Making outstanding achievements in production and business as a typical enterprise" in 2007; "Enterprises have made outstanding achievements in applying science and technology into production" in 2008; "There are positive contributions to the coconut industry of Ben Tre province in the past" in 2009; "Prestigious Exporter" in 2010. The Minister of Finance and the General Director of the General Department of Taxation awarded the Certificate of Merit for the good performance of the tax policy for many consecutive years.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam awarded the Certificate of Merit to Mr. Cu Van Thanh as "Typical Entrepreneur of the Local Business" in 2006. In 2011, the company was honored with the title of  According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Decision No. 3588 / QD-BCT dated June 25, 2012.

Luong Quoi Coconut Processing Company Limited is a coconut processing enterprise with sustainable development of Ben Tre province, with the brand name Luong Quoi - Thanh Vinh very prestigious and growing more and more. So we hope that in the coming time, Luong Quoi Coconut Processing One Member Limited Company will always bring into play the successes achieved to win the new success.

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