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Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development
Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development


The way to bring coconut products to the world and dream of conquering the market of Luong Quoi Co., Ltd is not far away as the products of the company are gradually getting more and more trust of many customers. Including the fastidious customers such as USA, EU, Japan, Middle East ...

Precursors was private enterprise pressed coconut oi Luong Quoi. Over the past 20 years of operation, the company specializes in manufacturing and trading, importing and exporting coconut food products has confirmed its position with the domestic market as well as the world. Products of the company have confirmed their position by the quality of the product of the human thoughtful and fully spend the special love for coconut - sweet fruit of Dong Khoi, Ben Tre.

Lương Quới chinh phục thị trường thế giới


Not is unit in the forefront in the supply coconut products to the world market, but to gain the position and trust of foreign customers as today was a great success not any business has been also easy to achieve. The success it deserves with dedication, investment and research of company over years with the motto "Safety - Quality - Responsibility for Sustainable Development".

From the first product is crude coconut oil with only a small factory with 2,000 tons per year and now the company have 2 factories with scale production large and abundant products to serve consumers such as Desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut water, refined coconut oil, Virgin coconut oil with capacity: Coconut Milk: 7,500 tons / year. Canned coconut water: 7,500 tons / year. Desiccated coconut: 12,000 tons / year. Virgin coconut oil: 2,000 tons / year. Refined coconut oil: 2,000 tons / year. Crude coconut oil: 3,000 tons / year.


Lương Quới chinh phục thị trường thế giới


With a team of more than 30 masters, food technology engineer high qualification with teams of skilled workers are trained and trained in accordance with the requirements of quality management system ISO 22000: 2005 has been continuously researching and developing to launch market with products high quality and safe for the health of consumers such as coconut milk, Desiccated coconut, Virgin coconut oil, coconut water, Refined coconut oil ...

Currently, the company is promoting the development of canned coconut water. Due to the trend of using good products for health, natural origin convenient, the company constantly research to launch the line canned coconut water products serve needs of customers at home and abroad. Future orientation, this product will become the alternative consumption for the current carbonated drinks, soft drinks.


Lương Quới chinh phục thị trường thế giới

Canned coconut water products of Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd


Beside the main products before, The Virgin coconut oil, Canned Coconut Milk are also stepping up development by great uses and benefits that this product offers. The main ingredient in coconut oil is lauric acid (about 50%) that can help boost immunity and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi when they come in contact with the body to 99%. Coconut oil also helps fight against the flu, sore throat and respiratory infections. According to a study published in the Journal of Lipids (American) the fatty acids found in coconut oil (mainly lauric acid) are quickly absorbed to change to energy it does not turn into fat accumulation in the abdomen so very beneficial for dieters. Canned coconut Milk of Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd bring consumers nutritious meals bold taste, good for healthy, convenient, easy using.

Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd always proud is businesses of being the leader in coconut products in the market of Vietnam in general and coconut Ben Tre local in particular. With the advantage that the company is located in the area with the largest coconut plantation in the country and also the famous land of coconut sweet scent that no one does not know to. The products of the company have been meeting the increasing demand and received the trust of many customers in Vietnam and many countries in the world. In the near future, the company wants to confirm Luong Quoi brand in the market in domestic and foreign market as well as increase sales to meet the higher development demand of consumers.



Source: Lương Quới


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