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Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development
Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development


Being one of the four typical enterprises, it has met the criteria of direct export enterprises, not losing a loss, export turnover in 2010 reached the minimum from 1-2 million USD, won the title "Prestigious export enterprises" in 2011.

LUONG QUOI COCONUT CO., LTD, Thanh Vinh Coconut Processing Factory (An Hiep Industrial Park - An Hiep Commune - Chau Thanh District) is one of the 4 typical companies, meeting all criteria: The export enterprises, directly and without loss, have the export turnover in 2010 reaching the minimum level from 1-2 million USD (depending on each commodity line), prestigious in business to foreign countries, the law in the field of customs, well performing tax obligations to the State.


Cu Van Thanh - Director of LUONG QUOI COCONUT CO., LTD said that the recognition of "prestigious exporters" confirmed the company's maturity. This shows that the business motto "Safety, quality, responsibility for sustainable development" of the Company is absolutely correct. The starting point of LUONG QUOI COCONUT CO., LTD is a private enterprise. In 1996, the company made improvements to German ETP equipment to produce coconut oil, which was exported to China by small quota.


In 2006, the company continued to invest in equipment and technology to produce more desiccated coconut products, exported to Middle East and North Africa, with a modest amount. Mr. Thanh said: 2009 is considered as the breakthrough year, the company has access to cleaner production components in the investment industry equipment burning coconut shells, energy saving production process technology, Renovation of the factory in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005, with the production and export of coconut products, in which the main product is still coconut desiccated. Desiccated coconut milk produced by the company has achieved the standards of quality management food safety of the World.


According to Mr. Thanh, in order to penetrate into the fastidious market, it is necessary to put quality first. The company always performs the contract of commitment on quantity, quality of products, price and delivery time to maintain a stable cooperation with partners. On the other hand, the company has established a network of agents to supply raw materials to ensure the plant operation. From 2011 up to now, coconut raw material has always fluctuated up and down erratically, so ensuring the minimum material (30 tons of coconut per day) is absolutely difficult for businesses. From the beginning of 2012 until now, the source of raw coconut is abundant, the factory must operate at full capacity, daily purchasing from 80 to 95 tons of clean coconut rice (average 12 dried coconut = 4.2 kg of copra) to help settle the remaining coconut in the household.


The motto "Safety, quality, responsibility for sustainable development" is complied with from raw material suppliers, laborers to product markets. Desiccated coconut milk produced by the Company has penetrated deeply into the fastidious markets such as Europe, America, Japan, South Africa ... The capacity of the plant from 9000 tons per year has increased up to 12,000 tons / year.


Mr. Cu Van Thanh said that the company is rushing to install equipment, access technology production in order to Thanh Vinh 2 coconut processing plant put into operation in Aug 2012, creating two more New products are canned coconut juice and canned coconut juice, with a capacity of 15,000 tons of finished products per year, creating jobs from 155 workers to 250 workers. At present, the company has expanded its export market and has exploited the domestic market. Initially, the product penetrated the central supermarket and Hanoi city, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho city.


LUONG QUOI COCONUT CO., LTD is one of the typical enterprises of the province, constantly striving to create prestige in the domestic market and export. The success of the company comes from the courageous improvement, application of new technology equipment, dynamic marketing access through many channels (relationships, trade promotion, mass media ...). More importantly, the company has created products to meet the requirements of the consumer market and keep prestige in production and busines

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