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Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development
Safety, Quality, Responsibility to Sustainable Development

Luong Quoi Coconut Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 with the goal of increasing the value of coconut through our unique products such as: desiccated coconut, pure coconut oil, extra virgin coconut oil, refined coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk packed in tin can and tetra pak,etc.


Rising to the challenge, the company has gradually developed its position as the dominant manufacturer and exporter of coconut products, making “Vietcoco” as a brand of choice in domestic market and continusly rising up to international market. Our products have been launched in more than 30 countries including the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, Japan… under the brand name of Vietcoco and customer private label also.


Activities on the moto of “Safety, Quality, Responsibility for Sustainable Development”, our company has continuously focused on advanced technology to enhance the brand of Vietnamese coconut products.


Every drop of blood is a sign of life and empowers life. When the blood flow in one's body is only to maintain life, but when that blood flows in many people, it becomes a wave of love, sharing and spread. Humanitarian blood donation is a noble gesture that shows the understanding, kindness and responsibility of each individual to the community.

  • Refined coconut oil

    Refined coconut oil is the product of the refining process that includes cleaning, color removal, deodorizing to fit in food processing. Refined coconut oil has no strange odor, pale yellow, difficult to oxidize, keeping the flavor and quality of the products after processing.
    Refined coconut oil is also used in the processing industry of coconut products based on the composition of fat in it especially for the production of margarine...

  • Low fat Desiccated coconut

    Low fat Desiccated coconut is produced from matured coconuts. Maturity of coconut use to produce the desiccated coconut is around 11-12 months. Coconuts are peeled, split shells and brown skin before putting on the production line at the factory.
    Coconut meat after preliminary processing is washed in water and blanched in hot water for 5 minutes. Then, the coconut meat is grinded and steamed before being dried by the fluidized bed dryer system.

  • coconut water

    Canned Coconut water is the liquid contained in the coconut. The young coconut contains very little coconut meat, just the thin layer of pulp, very soft and almost transparent. When the coconut becomes older, coconut water is replaced by air and thick layer of pulp.
    Fresh coconut water has long been considered as a nutritious beverage, rich in minerals beneficial to health. It can also be used as a beverage for athletes in Southeast Asia, Central America and some other tropical regions.

  • UHT Coconut Water

    UHT Coconut Water

  • Vietcoco extra virgin coconut oil

    Extra Virgin coconut oil that the purest form of coconut oil is pressed from the fresh and white meat of the matured coconut.
    Virgin coconut oil is colorless like water and natural aroma of coconut. This flavor fluctuate depending on the processing technology.

  • Vietcoco Coconut Milk Beverage is my all- time favorite dairy alternative. Not only is it rich in saturated fat but it’s also high in the medium – chain fatty acids that boost metabolism. This product is produced by UHT technology with many flavor. Beside the original flavor, we have 2 special flavor as moringa flavor and chocolate flavor.  

  • Coconut milk

    Coconut milk is produced from the mature coconut. Maturity of coconut is from 11 to 12 months old. Coconut is peeled, split shell and silk shell before putting on the manufacturing process at the factory.
    Coconut is process preliminary to extract the coconut meat. Coconut meat is washed in fresh water and scald in hot water for 5 minutes. And then, coconut meat is grinded and pressed to extract coconut milk.

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